Instagram Stories that Convert

Learn everything you need to know about using one of Instagram's most powerful features - Instagram stories! Inside I teach you how to create compelling stories, how to use all the design tools, how to encourage engagement with polls, stickers & gifs, how reach people outside of your current audience, make epic highlights & more! When you complete this training you will be able to confidently create Instagram stories that wow your audience, expand your reach and increase your overall account engagement!

How to Create an Instagram Story + Understanding the Video Styles

Learn how to use Instagram's built-in features to create Instagram stories that wow your audience.

How to Utilize Text in Your Instagram Stories

Colors, fonts, sizes & more. The Instagram Stories text tool can help you create engaging & eye-catching stories! Watch to learn how to make the most of it.

Text Inspiration

Instagram Story Text Tricks

While the text tool is robust on it's own, there are a few more tricks you can implement to really wow your viewers. Learn how to implement these hacks & have your audience asking "how?!"

How to Utilize The Drawing Tools

The drawing tools are one of the most powerful features within Instagram Stories. This lesson will teach you how to make the most of them & activate all their secrets!

Drawing Inspiration

Bringing Life to Your Stories with Stickers, Gifs & Emojis

Transform your stories from flat and boring to vibrant and captivating! 

Expand Your Reach with Location, Hashtag & Mention Stickers

These tiny additions can make a world of difference in your Instagram Stories. Learn how to use them strategically to boost your numbers!

Improve Your Engagement with
Polls & Questions

Getting engagement is the way to the Instagram algorithm's heart. Use these easy-to-implement features to boost your ranking & gain valuable insights about your audience.

Poll & Question Inspiration

Sharing Posts & Other's Stories to Your Instagram Story

This feature can massively increase the amount of traffic you get to your profile & latest posts. Learn how to use it properly to get more views!

What are Instagram Highlights & Why They're Important

Instagram Highlights are small additions to your profile that can make a HUGE impact! In this lesson we discuss why they're so powerful & what you should add to them.

How to Create an Instagram Highlight

Learn how to create highlights from scratch or from your archived content + important things to consider, like the order of your slides!

3 Different Ways to Create Instagram Highlight Covers

Learn how to add custom Highlight Covers to keep your Instagram account cohesive. These small additions can be the difference between visitors watching your highlights, or not at all!

Cover Inspiration

How to Use External Apps to Enhance Your Instagram Stories

Find out what apps all the best Instagrammers are using to make their stories stand out from the crowd!

How to Create a "Slide Show" Style Instagram Story

This one is hard to explain in text.. Watch the tutorial to learn a unique way to create engaging stories that keep people watching!

Adding Links to Your Instagram Stories

Boost your traffic and sales by strategically adding links to your Instagram story content!

Link Inspiration

How to Send Traffic to Your Link Without The 'Swipe Up' Feature

Don't have 10k followers yet? Don't worry! You can still easily get traffic to the link in your bio. Watch to learn how!

The Psychology of Selling on Instagram Stories

Selling isn't as simple as posting a promotional post on Instagram.. There are some very specific things you need to focus on to make selling easier & to make your audience WANT to buy. This video discusses it all! 

How to Get More Clicks & Generate More Sales with IG Stories

In this video, you'll discover the simplest (and most repeatable) system for creating compelling and high converting sales messages for any purpose.

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