Advanced Instagram Sales & Marketing Techniques

Ready to turn your expertise into profit? Learn my techniques for consistently generating income with your Instagram account! Determine which monetization method is right for you, build your like, know & trust factor, use paid ads to scale your profit and discover how to expand your influence off of Instagram so you have more opportunity and control over the future of your business! When you complete this training you will be adding new potential clients to your email list, making more sales daily and building authority with your audience!

Monetize Your Following Guide

Learn how to monetize your following (regardless of niche) and understand what type of buying personalities people have and how to capitalize on them!

Influencer Marketing
Step-by-Step Guide for Influencers

Have a loyal audience? Follow these steps to attract businesses, receive free product & generate income as an influencer.

Influencer Marketing for Influencers

This video walks you through how to use the influencer guide for influencers. If you want to get paid for sponsorships & collaborations, you need this!

Brand Collaboration Swipe Copy

When reaching out to brands you need to make sure you say the right thing. Use this swipe copy file to help you craft your messaging for best results!

Media Kit Template

Show brands exactly what you're worth with a professionally designed Media Kit.

Potential Collaboration Tracker

Use this to keep track of businesses you would like to work with 

Influencer Marketing
Step-by-Step Guide for Businesses

Follow these steps to expand your reach, build your audience & generate income through strategic partnerships with influencers.

Influencer Marketing Guide for Businesses

This video walks you through how to use the influencer guide for businesses. If you run a business and want to utilize influencers as a marketing strategy - you need this!

Instagram Influencer Tracker

Use this to track influencers you're interested in working with

Engagement Rate Calculator

Use this to calculate the engagement rate of influencers (or yourself!)

Campaign Success

Use this to keep track of the success of your influencer campaigns

How to Sell More With The Product Tagging Feature

Instagram is stingy with links so getting your audience to your website can be tricky. With the product tagging feature you can easily bridge the gap and make more sales! Learn how to implement it in this lesson.

The Psychology of Selling on Instagram Stories

Selling isn't as simple as posting a promotional post on Instagram.. There are some very specific things you need to focus on to make selling easier & to make your audience WANT to buy. This video discusses it all! 

How to Get More Clicks & Generate More Sales with IG Stories

In this video, you'll discover the simplest (and most repeatable) system for creating compelling and high converting sales messages for any purpose.

Boosting Instagram Posts

Learn how to effectively boost a post on Instagram to bring attention to specific content or take a high-performing post to the next level!

Creating Instagram Ads Through The Facebook Ads Manager

Ready to add paid advertising to your Instagram strategy? In this tutorial I teach you how to create an Instagram ad from scratch.

Creating Ads for Instagram Stories

While similar to the previous lesson, this video will teach you how to create an ad that displays specifically within Instagram stories!

Instagram Advertising Guide

Learn the do's and dont's of creating instagram ads, how to analyze your ad performance and gain inspiration from others in this handy guide!

How to Create a Lead Magnet for Free in Canva

Learn what a lead magnet is and how to easily create one to offer to your audience. This element of your business is about to become a massive lead generator for you!

How to Link Your Lead Magnet to Your Email Software (ConvertKit)

Once you've created a lead magnet you need to deliver it to your audience. I teach you how to use ConvertKit to do this. (This lesson indirectly applies to other email marketing platforms.)

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