Perfect Instagram Post Guide

This 11-page guide will teach you what type of content stops the scroll, how to write captions that convert, select hashtags that actually generate views, determine the best time to post and 7 other secret hacks to boost your likes, comments, saves and shares!

What you'll receive:

This 11-page guide is jam packed with everything you need to make the most of your posts on Instagram (no more hearing crickets after you spent an hour on your post!)

  • Chapter 1: Your Content

Learn how to make your posts stand out against the competition

  • Chapter 2: Your Caption

Learn how to write strategic captions that make your audience interested and ready to buy

  • Chapter 3: The Extras

Learn the 7 'behind-the-scenes' elements you must add to every post to ensure it reaches the most people

  • Chapter 4: Hashtags

Love 'em or hate 'em, you need them! Learn how to pick hashtags that generate targeted traffic and engagement

  • Chapter 5: Posting

Learn the exact time to post to ensure you go viral!

"This guide was incredibly helpful!"

"Alex, this guide was incredibly helpful! It made it abundantly clear that I was posting totally wrong before. I was guilty of posting last minute and not putting any 'strategy' behind it. Now I understand exactly what I need to do to reach more people with my posts! And it's working! I use this guide as my little pre-posting bible. Thank you!"

- Rachael, e-commerce store owner


Hey, I'm Alex!

I'm an online business strategist and course creator from beautiful British Columbia, Canada. After a decade of side-hustling (affiliate marketing, selling on ebay & blogging for adsense to name a few), I finally quit my 9-5 and went all-in on my entrepreneurial dream.

Within one year my face was printed in Cosmopolitan magazine, I had generated $150,000 and my cumulative social following reached over 300,000! 

I have now tripled that annual revenue and helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs harness the power of social media so they can start building the sustainable, online business of their dreams, too.

I can't wait to help you next!

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