Hashtag Strategies

Hashtags are an element of your Instagram strategy that cannot be skipped! When used right, hashtags can bring a targeted stream of traffic directly to your feed, all day, every day! In this training I teach you my tried and true methods for finding and selecting the hashtags that will bring your unique account the most exposure. You'll also learn about brand hashtags and even the infamous shadowban! When you complete this training you understand what hashtags work and WHY. You'll also see an increase in exposure, engagement & impressions from hashtags.

How to Conduct High Quality Hashtag Research

Hashtags can bring a stream of targeted users directly to your feed on autopilot - if selected carefully! This tutorial will show you how to find hashtags that work for your unique account.

Hashtag Research Workbook

Track your hashtag findings in this workbook based on the guidelines taught in the lesson above. Then you can quickly and easily turn this data into sets of 30 hashtags to use on your posts!

Helpful Hashtag Research Tool

This free software allows you to type in a keyword and it suggests similar hashtags. It shows the post count and allows you to add potential hashtags to a group and copy them to your clipboard for later use!

Hashtag FAQ

In this lesson we deep dive even further into your hashtag strategy and discuss topics like caption vs comments, top posts, measuring hashtag effectiveness & more!

How to Choose, Use & Promote Your Brand Hashtag

Brand hashtags bring awareness to your brand, increase audience participation and improve interaction. This lesson will teach you how to create & promote your brand hashtag.

How to Safely Avoid The Instagram Shadowban

Learn how to ​avoid the dreaded Instagram shadowban and keep your account in good standing.

Hashtag Starter Packs

Pre-selected hashtags to get you started on the right foot!

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