Accelerated Account Growth

Looking to grow your following with targeted and engaged users? This training is for you! Inside I teach you how to quickly and effectively grow a following that engages with your content, shares you with their friends, visits your website and actually purchases what you sell! When you complete this training you will have a strategic growth strategy in place that builds your audience, community and bottom line!

How to Locate Your Ideal Audience Part 1 - Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most used features on Instagram. Follow these steps to find the ones your target market is likely using.

How to Locate Your Ideal Audience Part 2 - Accounts

Learn how to find out who your target market is following on Instagram. This information will greatly help us in the next step of this course.

How to Locate Your Ideal Audience Part 3 - Locations

Whether you have a local business or an online one, knowing what locations your target market has visited recently is key in the growth process.

Locate Your Audience Workbook

Use this workbook to help track the data you find following the guidelines in the 3 lessons above. This data will help you effectively grow your following and better prepare you for the rest of the course.

How to Actively Grow Your Following Pt 1 - Liking

The first method of growing your following involves liking the photos of your target market. This tutorial teaches you why and how to implement this simple yet effective tactic.

How to Actively Grow Your Following Pt 2 - Commenting

Commenting is a major element in our growth strategy. If you want to receive real comments on your content, you need to give them as well!

How to Actively Grow Your Following Pt 3 - The 3 & 1 Formula

This simple formula combines liking and commenting to encourage an even better ROI.

How to Actively Grow Your Following Pt 4 - Following

Following users on Instagram can be a controversial topic. Watch this video to learn the in's and out's of the tactic and how to make it work for you (without feeling spammy!)

How to Actively Grow Your Following Pt 5 - The 2 & 1 Method

This method combines liking and following to get the best return on time-investment. This method alone can help increase your following drastically!

How to Safely Automate Your Growth Methods

Add this handy chrome extension to your browser to help you maximize productivity and fast-track your growth!

Manage Your Following & Maintain Your Growth

Learn how to use a simple chrome extension to manage your following and keep your following to followers ratio optimal. 

Increase Your Engagement by Managing Your 'Ghost Followers'

This training teaches you how to determine who your inactive followers are and how to remove them to increase your engagement rate (all without violating Instagram's TOS!) 

Understanding Your Instagram Insights & Using Them to Improve

Your Instagram insights are a gold mine of data. In this lesson I teach you how to understand all of it and how to use your findings to better your content & strategy.

Additional Sources for Instagram Analytics

If you haven't switched to a business profile you won't have the internal Instagram insights. In that case you may want to try checking out these resources for account analytics:

Understanding Instagram Story Analytics & Managing Your Story Controls

You can't create a story and just let it expire. Learn how to analyze your Instagram analytics to reveal valuable insights!

8 Methods for Boosting Engagement 

Great photos, quality captions, carefully selected hashtags.. they all help to improve your engagement, however there are a few more methods to implement! This lesson gives you 8 more tactics to add to your strategy.

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