Account Foundations & Content Principles

In this training I will teach you how to build a solid foundation for your Instagram account,  how to skillfully create stunning content that speaks to your target audience, how to strategically schedule & post content at the ideal time for discovery, how to write compelling captions and how to get your audience to stop, like & engage! When you complete this training you will be able to confidently choose a niche and focus for your account, meticulously define your target market, determine your visual brand elements, create your own graphics, and so much more!

Deciding on a Niche & Focus for Your Account

To have success on Instagram you must have a pre-defined niche. This lesson will help you determine what the focus of your account is going to be and how that will help you become an authority!

Choosing and Understanding Your Target Market

This lesson will teach you the importance of understanding of your target market (the people who are going to follow, like and buy from you!) and how to determine exactly who they are. 

Determine Your Demographic Workbook

Before we can grow our following and increase business with Instagram we need to clearly determine who our target market is. Use this workbook to help you clearly define your TM. This data will be used throughout the rest of the course.

Setting Goals for Growth

Setting goals can be the difference between actually achieving milestones and entirely missing them. This lesson will teach you the importance of goal setting and how to properly create goals that you actually achieve!

SMART Goals Workbook

The SMART goal framework will help you visualize and organize your goals in order of importance. Use this SMART goals workbook to help you create measurable goals for your business & Instagram account!

Choosing The Perfect Username & Profile Photo

Your Instagram photo & username reflect who you are as a brand and play a large role in whether or not someone will follow you. Learn how to make the most out of both in this lesson! 

Optimizing Your Bio for Increased Traffic & Followers

Your Instagram bio can make or break your success on Instagram. In this lesson you will learn exactly how your bio should be formatted to effortlessly convert visitors into a followers!

Optimizing The Link in Your Bio

You only get one link on Instagram so you need to make the most of it. Learn what you should be linking to and various options for tracking & displaying your link effectively. 

Choosing Between a Personal or Business Account

Learn the differences between a personal and business Instagram profile and why you might want to switch!

Achieving High Quality Imagery Without Being a Pro

High quality imagery is a huge part of your success on Instagram but can be a stressful topic if you aren't a photographer. This lesson teaches you a few ways you can achieve this without too much effort. 

Establishing Theme & Cohesion in Your Account

The most successful accounts on Instagram are the ones with cohesion. This is what makes visitors want to scroll through the entirety of your feed. This lesson will teach you how to easily achieve it.

Visual Branding Guide

This guide will help you determine the visual elements of your brand so you can weave them into your Instagram account to easily create theme & cohesion. 

Photography Principles

It's not hard to get a great shot when you know what's important. This lesson will teach you 5 photography principles that will take your photos from alright to amazing!

How to Take Great Photos with Your Mobile Phone

Our mobile phones are capable of a lot of things - even capturing high quality images that rival your DSLR. This lesson will teach you my secret weapon for getting the most out of a mobile phone.

How to Create Quality Graphics in Canva

Learn how to use Canva to make quality graphics that are branded and aesthetically pleasing to your audience! 

Where to Find High Quality Stock Photos for Your Account

High-quality stock photos can be a great addition to your Instagram content. Here are some sites I recommend (bonus - they are free to use!)

How to Edit Your Photos With Mobile Apps

You don't need fancy software to edit a great photo. In this lesson I will show you some of the best mobile apps to use for editing your Instagram photos.

How to Edit Photos in Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a very powerful software but it can be confusing if you aren't familiar with it. In this lesson I show you my exact process for editing an enhancing your Instagram photos.

How to Achieve Cohesiveness by Pre-Planning Your Post in UNUM 

Pre-planning your Instagram feed helps you achieve and maintain cohesiveness picture to picture. Learn what app I use & how helpful it can be in this lesson.

When to Post & How Often

Should you post once a day? Three times? What about five? How do you determine what time is the best time to post? It's all covered in this lesson!

When to Post Workbook

Use the methods described in the lesson above to determine what your best times to post are. Document them in this workbook so you always know the perfect time to post, no matter what day it is!

The Anatomy of a Perfect Post

Every post requires a series of elements to make sure it's successful. Learn what each one is and how to implement them in this lesson!

Effective Caption Writing

Your caption can be the determining factor on whether or not a visitor engages with your content! In this lesson you'll how to write great Instagram captions.

How to Schedule Your Content Using Later

Learn how to save yourself precious time by scheduling your content in advance with Later, an approved Instagram post scheduler!

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