The Instagram™ Ivy League

An  elite  education in Instagram™, marketing & making money with social media!

“Alex’s program is amazing! In the last 30 days we’ve added over 3,000 followers and made just under $23,000!”

- Zach S.

The Instagram™ Ivy League

An  elite  education in Instagram, marketing & making money with social media!

“Alex’s program is amazing! In the last 30 days we’ve added over 3,000 followers and made just under $23,000!

- Zach S.

Ready to forget about your terrible engagement rate and start *actually* converting Instagram™ users into real paying customers?

Quickly growing your following, getting quality engagement and making consistent sales of your products and services with Instagram is easy - that is, if you follow my easy-to-implement strategies...

(Keep on scrollin' to learn more!)

You’ve been on Instagram™ awhile, you're getting increasingly frustrated and frankly, tired of its bullshit!

Let me guess:

  • You’re struggling to grow an engaged following (or any following for that matter!)
  • Your organic engagement is less than inspiring and you can't figure out what you're doing wrong
  • You have trouble posting consistently and feel overwhelmed by the idea of coming up with on-going content
  • When you do post, writing captions feels like an epic challenge (wtf are you supposed to say anyway?!)
  • It feels like Instagram™ is constantly changing and you don't know how to keep up
  • You’re completely confused and frustrated by the so-called algorithm
  • No matter what you do, you can't seem to convert any followers into sales

You’re spending hours on the app, doing “all the things” yet you STILL can’t get the attention you need to make the income you deserve!
What gives??

What if instead you had...

  • A proven strategy to build a following of raving fans in just a few minutes a day
  • An easy method to come up with content and a posting schedule you can stick to
  • Simple tactics and techniques to convert your following into a steady stream of paying customers
  • A step-by-step roadmap to using Instagram™ to market your business and explode your sales

I made over $250,000 with Instagram™ last year, and I can show you how to do it, too.

My name is Alex Tooby, and I’m not some lucky Instagram™ 'influencer'. I’m a Instagram™ marketing expert (& online business strategist!), and I know all the tried-and-true strategies to help you build and sustain a successful, profitable business with Instagram™.

"I always refer others to you for Instagram™ training because I think you are the most honest and quality-driven out there!"



“Out of all the Instagram™ so called 'experts' and people who ask a lot of money for their tips, I think YOU are really the best! I’m so glad I found you!



"I have been following Alex for many years now and I am always impressed by the level of her knowledge and expertise."



And now, I’m handing over my step-by-step strategy so you can use Instagram™ to build your business and grow your income, too!


The Instagram™ Ivy League

a self-paced program for online business owners who are tired of wasting time on Instagram™ and want to start seeing RESULTS.

(how does more targeted followers, meaningful engagement & sales sound?!)

Think of The Instagram™ Ivy League like a Harvard degree in Instagram™ and online business... without the hefty price tag or grueling all-nighters!

You’ll get an elite education in all things Instagram™, marketing and how to use the most powerful social media platform to promote your business and make more money!

FROM 2,000 TO 20,000!

"I started with 2,000 followers when I took your course and now I’m almost at 20k! I just wanted to say thanks. You’re awesome and I owe you 100% credit."



$23,000 IN SALES!

"Alex's program is amazing. Within a few short hours I had clear strategies that I could use to actually grow our Instagram™ account and in the last 100 days we've added over 3,000 followers and just under $23,000 in sales of our ecommerce products!




"The last 4 clients I've booked have found me through Instagram™. Alex's course completely changed my strategy. I highly recommend it!"



"The Instagram™ Ivy League has helped so much with our growth and creating an IG that sells!"



Everything you need to know is inside The Instagram™ Ivy League including how to:

  • Develop an Instagram™ account that positions you and your product as reputable and takes a fraction of your time to manage
  • Grow an audience of targeted and engaged followers who actually give a shit about what you post and can't wait to see what you'll share next
  • Drastically increase the reach of your content so you get more likes, comments, shares & saves from real potential customers
  • Convert your followers into actual paying customers with ease and without 'selling' in every single post

1,000 TO 7,000 FOLLOWERS!

"You have helped me grow SO MUCH!! Every time I put your helpful tips to use, I grow more and more each day. When I took your first class I had less than 1k followers. Now I'm at 7k and growing quickly! You really have built something amazing!"



$4,000 SALE!

“I ended up getting a project on my Interior design IG after taking your course and the invoice was over $4,000 in total! Totally worth the cost of the course. Thank you!”




"Alex's course really helped me create an IG strategy that gets results. I've gained 5 new clients right after I started following her advice! The content in the courses are comprehensive, the strategies simple, and it's kept up to date. You learn about what's working now, not 5 years ago!"



Get instant access to ALL of my Top-Secret Instagram™ Hacks & Strategies

This program contains 8.5 hours of actionable strategies and step-by-step processes to quickly grow your audience, effectively market your business and generate sales, day after day.

In The Instagram™ Ivy League, you'll learn how to:

  • Optimize your Instagram™ account to position you as the boss in your industry & generate follows on autopilot
  • Effortlessly draw your target market to your account to increase your following and eyes on your offer
  • Strategically create content that connects with your target market, encourages engagement and highlights your product
  • Understand and outsmart the algorithm to drastically increase your reach, impressions and ensure your posts are seen by the right people
  • Implement a hashtag strategy that sends targeted traffic directly to your feed all day, every day
  • Generate more clicks on the link in your bio from real, potential customers eagerly looking for the 'buy' button
  • Convert your following into qualified leads with a strategically designed 'lead magnet'
  • Properly set up your business and website to automate your sales processes and provide a positive customer experience
  • Use an 'urgency-based offer' to build hype around your product and convert followers into customers (in just 5 days!)

...and so much more!


"The Instagram™ Ivy League helped me the most with follower growth and getting more engagement. It's professional, easy to follow and to the point. Alex really understands your needs and cares about what you do and the results speak for themselves!"




"Alex is always right to the point and very clear in her explanations. Her course has a natural flow as if you are working with a friend who wants to give you a hand. The whole training worked very well for me."




"I really enjoyed The Instagram™ Ivy League experience. Alex highlights why Instagram™ works the way it does and how to adjust your strategy with that knowledge. Alex is great at breaking things down step-by-step without making the information overwhelming."



What does a high-level program like this cost?

For me to personally teach you all of the content in this program in a one-on-one mentorship would cost over $7,000...


For you to hire a social media manager and business mentor to grow your following & develop a sales strategy would cost at least $3,000/month...


For you to buy all of the elements of this program individually would cost you $2,347...


But today, your investment is just:


$297 $97

your enrollment includes:

  • 60 Step-by-Step Video Tutorials
  • 28 Digital Workbooks, Checklists, Calendars & PDFs 
  • 3 Success Mindset Lessons
  • 7 Accountability Check Points 
  • Bonus: Private Facebook Community
  • Bonus: Influencer Marketing for Biz Owners 
  • Bonus: Instagram™ Ads Mini-Course
  • Bonus: Instagram™ Stories Crash Course
  • Bonus: The Biz Owner's Hashtag Bank


"Alex and The Instagram™ Ivy League taught me how to effectively leverage the platform to support my work. The advice has been invaluable! In particular, Alex taught me how to make meaningful connections on Instagram™ and how to grow in authentic ways. I reached 10K followers from scratch within ten months."




"Your program is really helping me a lot! I'm not done yet but I got about 360 emails from my lead magnet in one week and growing everyday! My sales are slowly going up too. Thank you!!! "




"The videos are clear, easy to follow and packed with practical strategies that help me reach dozens of new people every week! My accounts have seen increased engagement and followers. I love Alex's positive attitude and encouragement. She is kind and authentic, helping me enjoy my time on Instagram™ and not feel at all overwhelmed."



Now, let's chat details...

When you enroll in The Instagram™ Ivy League, you’ll get instant access to my unique four-phase framework designed to walk you through the ins and outs of building your Instagram™ following and converting them into real, paying customers.

  • PHASE 1:

Instagram™ & Business Foundations

In this phase you will set up your Instagram and your business for long-term success. You'll optimize your profile, create a content marketing plan you can stick to, learn an effective hashtag strategy, create your first lead magnet and prepare your website to generate sales on auto-pilot!

🔑 Phase 1 Key Lessons:

  • Select a niche that sets you apart from everyone else
  • Optimize your bio for increased traffic & followers
  • Nail your branding & introduce cohesion into your feed
  • Use data to determine when to post & how often
  • Hashtag secrets for more reach and impressions
  • Understanding the secret of the algorithm
  • Create a lead magnet that attracts qualified leads
  • Website must-haves for happier customers & more sales
  • PHASE 2:

Strategic Content Creation

In this phase you'll learn how to strategically create content that maximizes impressions and engagement, builds your 'like, know & trust factor' (aka - the secret sauce that makes people buy from you!) and takes very little time out of your schedule!

🔑 Phase 2 Key Lessons:

  • Simplifying your content creation process
  • Writing captions that capture attention & convert
  • Instagram story hacks that are actually worth your time
  • Strategically using IGTV, Instagram Live & Reels
  • Perfecting your posts for guaranteed engagement
  • Scheduling processes to save you time & energy
  • PHASE 3:

Build & Grow

In this phase you'll learn how to grow your following with targeted and engaged users that like, comment & share, fill your email list with qualified leads and decipher your analytics to uncover weak points in your strategy.

🔑 Phase 3 Key Lessons:

  • Finding potential customers with ease 3 part strategy
  • 5 ways to actively grow your following today
  • Ditch your ghost followers & boost your engagement
  • Safely automate your growth to save time & see results
  • Easy to implement email list growth tactics
  • Instagram analytics deep dive
  • PHASE 4:


In the final phase you will create and deploy an 'urgency-based offer' to convert your followers and email subscribers into real paying customers (in just 5 days!) including daily Instagram™ prompts, email swipe copy and more!

🔑 Phase 4 Key Lessons:

  • The power of urgency-based offers & what to expect
  • Simple tech hacks for better conversions
  • Easy to follow 5 day schedule
  • Urgency offer social strategy (what to post & when!)
  • Done-for-you urgency offer email sequence + swipe copy


"Alex and Instagram™ Ivy League has taken me from overwhelmed and wasting time to seeing drastic results right from the beginning! You won't waste any time getting Instagram™ to work for you with Alex's genius approach!"




"Very grateful to Alex and her incredible knowledge. I’ve learnt so much inside of Ivy League, great purchase!"




"Alex knows her stuff! I appreciate that she takes time to walk you step by step through all the modules. It makes it hard to fail with her approach! She is an authority on all things Instagram™ & been a great asset to my business."



You'll also receive these incredible bonuses!

In addition to the Instagram™ Ivy League curriculum you also get access to several powerful bonuses designed to elevate your success and scale your business even further.

Private Facebook Community ($197 Value)

Mingle with your fellow students, connect, build relationships and maybe even make a few sales!

Influencer Marketing for Business Owners ($97 Value)

Expose your brand to new audiences and make more sales utilizing the power of Influencers.

Instagram™ Ads Crash Course ($97 Value)

Take your Instagram™ marketing to the next level with a paid advertising strategy.

Success by Story IG Stories Course ($297 Value)

Crush your Instagram™ Stories with endless tips, tricks and hacks for more impressions & engagement

The Business Owners Hashtag Bank ($197 Value)

Fast-track your Instagram reach with this done-for-you set of hashtags. Includes 13 common niches.


"Alex Tooby and her team are fantastic! Her content really gives you a direction and a game plan to really getting your content noticed. I've grown my account/ business significantly thanks to Alex and the Ivy League!"

Rachel @buildupsocial

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I am 100% confident that The Instagram™ Ivy League is exactly what you need to start seeing results in your Instagram™ and business, however if you find it is not a good fit for you within the first 30 days, I will happily give you your money back! For full details, please read our refund policy.


"Before enrolling in The Instagram™ Ivy League I didn’t have a clue about how to grow my business online. I picked this program after seeing a couple of video of Alex's and fell in love with the way she explains things. I learned and implemented and day by day I saw my account grow! I am blown away! Thank you Alex"




"Alex's Ivy League program has helped me to think differently about how to approach social media for my business. This mindset change has allowed me to grow my following, and more importantly my sales!"



200 TO 5,000 FOLLOWERS!

"I started off with 200+ followers and now I'm going to hit 5K!!! WOW!!! Thank you SO much for coming up with the Instagram™ Ivy League! It has helped me so much with understanding Instagram™ (& its ever changing algorithm) and how to post strategically."




Here's what my students have to say about The Instagram™ Ivy League

From unsure to fully booked out! Michelle made her investment back in 30 days & increased her income by 6x!

Michelle - @michellelangeinc

From 'about to throw in the towel', zero confidence and engagement to 760% growth in the first month!

Alison - @alisonandersoninteriors


"My biggest struggle with Instagram™ prior to taking the course was gaining relevant followers efficiently without spending all day on Instagram™. The course helped me by implementing a sound, legitimate strategy & process to gain relevant followers far faster than my previous rate! I now have more web traffic and sales from this channel!"




"Alex's course is very direct and understandable. She explains things in a clear and followable way. Alex has taken me from lost to getting a vision and results. I would recommend anyone in business or a hobby take this course and use social media as the tool it is."




“Before starting The Instagram™ Ivy League I was struggling with knowing how to use Instagram™ to grow my business. Alex's tutorials helped me understand many aspects of Instagram™ and finally made me feel like I had an excellent base to grow my followers!



From never showing up & hating social media to fully confident her strategy & finally seeing results!

Andrea - @alisonandersoninteriors

From confused about everything Instagram™ to 10,000 followers in 3 months & selling out her products!

Daniella - @gnocchiandgoma


"The Instagram™ Ivy League helped with follower growth, retention and engagement. Your courses are concise, get to the point and have lots of important advice and tips. My increased number of followers and good engagement has driven traffic to my blog and opened up collaboration opportunities!"



$12,000 IN SALES!

"Alex's strategies saved my business! After being forced to close our doors in March due to Covid, we decided to direct our Instagram™ audience to our online store instead. By sharing a number of stories, posts and a few emails to our list we were able to bring in $12,000 in retail sales which is more than we would have done if our doors stayed open!!"




"In less than 4 months I went from 10 followers to 5,400! Most of my customers and members of my Facebook group come from IG. I have great engagement and it feels good to post knowing my audience will positively react to it! I am VERY happy to have invested in Alex's course and the results I'm getting so far!"



From skeptical to crushing it. Chloe quickly gained 1,000 followers & hired a team to support her business growth!

Chloe - @nobiworks

From busy mom of two kids to Instagram™ pro with tons of growth!

Erin - @itmustbeloved

700 TO 9,000 FOLLOWERS!

I've been following Alex's class all year and my following has grown from 700 to just over 9,000!"




"Alex I want to say a BIG thank you! I finally hit my goal of 10k in about 3 months! I was stuck at 3k for a good year. Your strategies are amazing and work 110%!"



350 TO 3,000 FOLLOWERS!

"I got so much out of the IG Ivy League course. I had about 350 followers and am now over 3,000! Thank you for providing a wonderful program"



From stressing about what to post and how to find the right people, to over 7,500 targeted followers & endless organic engagement!

Darin - @drdarinbergen

12 years old and on the road to the olympics.. From no time to implement to 20k followers, 20% engagement & first major sponsorship!

Lara - @spunkiiiiii


"I learned so much in the Instagram™ Ivy League! I feel expanded in my knowledge around Instagram™ and connected with the many ways I can grow my business through it. Alex is an absolute gem and SO knowledgeable. The level of generosity and information provided in this course is next level!




"The Instagram™ Ivy League has been an invaluable resource for me and the continued growth of my account! I have learned so much, and I know that had I not signed up for the course - I would not have seen the same growth. In the last 30 days I’ve gained 224 new followers, and had over 1500 likes on just one of my posts! I’m so happy that I decided to invest in Instagram Ivy League!"




"Alex is very knowledgeable with her information and keeps us updated with everything new Instagram™ throws at us (which they love to do!) The program helped me revamp my page with new growth strategies and I'm hoping to turn my followers into paying customers for my business page!" 



From no plan to strategies that work, support from the community and growth in her account!

Jennifer - @theutensilcompany

From overwhelmed and confused to effectively attracting real potential customers!

Sara - @singlemomsasksara


"Alex gives such clear and concise suggestions, tools and strategies to use for growth and impact! I’m so happy I signed up for this course!"




"Definitely a great program for harnessing the power of Instagram™ for brand building! Alex really knows her stuff."




"Everyday I wake up to more and more engagement. The foundation part of the course literally changed everything for me! Thank you!"



Hi, I'm Alex.Your Instagram™ strategist, marketing mentor & new biz bestie.

I've been where you are. I've been the hustler, building 'my dream' while working a 9-5. I've doubted my ability to succeed, feared the unknown of starting my own online business and failed countless times.

And yet I did it. After years of being unhappy in my job I eventually took the leap, left my 9-5 and started working on the life I knew I was worthy of having. And I've never, ever looked back.

Instagram™ played a huge role in my success and I can't wait to share all my secrets with you to help you create the life and business of your dreams too!

It is possible to build a successful, thriving business with Instagram™

You deserve it. You are worthy. You can do this!







"I reached 20k! Since starting I've doubled my website site traffic and daily email sign-ups, I've connected with a much larger audience, got new clients, and luxury skincare companies have reached out to work together after finding me on IG."

Natasha @theclearskinessentials

Besides making $250k+ last year, Instagram™ has also allowed me to:

  • Quit my 9-to-5 in 2015 once and for all
  • Generate over $1,000,000 in revenue via the app 
  • Purchase two properties before the age of 31
  • Be featured in major publications such as Time, Business Insider & Cosmopolitan Magazine 
  • Accumulate a consistent and steady flow of new, potential customers into my business every month
  • Scale businesses in both digital and e-commerce niches to 6 figures a year using Instagram™
  • Help 1,000's of business owners and entrepreneurs 10x their sales, followers & email subscribers

I didn't buy followers, use bots, or hire a 'growth service' to do it for me. I used my own strategy that puts my content in front of the right people, at the right time, which entices them to follow, visit my website and purchase my products.

and now it's your turn!


  • 60 Step-by-Step Video Tutorials
  • 28 Digital Workbooks, Checklists, Calendars & PDFs 
  • 3 Success Mindset Lessons
  • 7 Accountability Check Points 
  • Bonus: Private Facebook Community
  • Bonus: Influencer Marketing for Biz Owners 
  • Bonus: Instagram™ Ads Mini-Course
  • Bonus: Instagram™ Stories Crash Course
  • Bonus: The Biz Owner's Hashtag Bank


$297 $97


"Alex really helped me hone in and reach the right people. I really love that you don't have to have a million followers or a huge market to be able to benefit from her advice. I began interacting more with the people I wanted to work with and I started to hear more and more people say "I found you on Instagram™!"




"Instagram can be really overwhelming but with The Instagram™ Ivy League and Alex’s continued help and support everything becomes a lot more manageable! You’re given all the tools to fix and elevate each little aspect of Instagram™ over time instead of just one blanket statement. I’ve been using Alex’s tips for years and I will continue to use them for the entirety of my online career!"




 "The Instagram™ Ivy League is a must whether you're a beginner or a seasoned IG user. I started following Alex because I was looking for a step by step to make sure I know everything I need to optimize my IG account and attract the right followers, and that is exactly what she provides! There is so much to know about Instagram™ - this is your place to learn it."



This program is  for you if:

  • You sell a physical or digital product, or an online service
  • You are willing to let go of the idea that more followers = more success
  • You are ready to be led by Alex and try new ideas and strategies you haven’t tried before

This program is not  for you if:

  • You are just concerned about popularity
  • You have nothing to sell
  • You are not ready or willing to put in the work
  • You feel like you ‘know it all’, or have ’tried it all’ already


"The Instagram™ Ivy League is well structured, and provides detailed practical steps on how to use Instagram™. It is obvious that Alex is willing to help you master Instagram™ and get the best results. Since taking the course, I have started making sales via Instagram™! I highly recommend it!"




"I've really enjoyed the Ivy League and being part of the Facebook group. I had limited experience with Instagram™, especially Stories and Reels, so learning lots of handy tips and techniques was useful. There was also help with photography which is so important for Instagram™! I found the sessions on hashtags particularly helpful and I immediately saw results from following Alex's advice."




"The IG Ivy League helped me to better understand how to improve my account visibility. I had my account for ages and never got a customer until I found Alex. I absolutely love the program!"



Want a sneak peek inside? Watch this!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know Alex is the right mentor for me?

What sets me apart from other "Instagram Gurus" is that my advice is practical, actionable and grounded in timeless marketing methods. I don’t TELL you what to do; I actually SHOW you, step-by-step (you literally get to look at my phone and follow along!) I educate you on WHY we're taking certain actions and keep you focused on what really matters - profitability over popularity.

I made a quarter of a million dollars on Instagram™ last year using the exact methods I’m going to teach you in the Instagram Ivy League so you can be confident this program is tried, true and it WORKS ;)

I'm already pretty comfortable with Instagram™. Will I learn anything new in the Instagram™ Ivy League?

This program goes beyond elementary tactics like how to post or select hashtags. You’ll learn how to use Instagram™ as an effective marketing tool to funnel a constant flow of potential customers directly into your email list and convert them with an urgency-based offer. By the end of this course, you’ll feel confident in your skills as an internet marketer, not just an “instagrammer.”

What makes the Instagram™ Ivy League better than other IG courses?

The Instagram™ Ivy League is the only course you need to expand the reach of your business and generate more income. Everything you need to grow an engaged following, create amazing content, and make money with your Instagram™ account (plus all the things in between) is inside the Instagram™ Ivy League. I designed this course to be an all-in-one deep dive into building your business with Instagram™ so you wouldn’t need to supplement it with any other course or coaching program. By the end, you will feel extremely confident in your newfound abilities to market your business on Instagram™, and you’ll know without a doubt that you didn’t waste your money on yet another online course.

Do I get support, a community or 1-on-1 access to Alex?

Yes! Your membership includes on-going support in and out of the program in the form of accountability check in's and email follow ups ensuring you're on track and not missing any important steps. 

You'll additionally receive access to a VIP Facebook Community where you can learn and grow from the help of current and past students.

*Note: the VIP Facebook Community is a bonus and not part of the program curriculum. Alex and the team are committed to monitoring the group but it is NOT a 1:1 coaching resource or 'support' group.

Will The Instagram™ Ivy League work for my business?

Do you sell a digital or physical product, or an online service? Then yes! The tips, tactics and strategies in this course are designed to be applied to online businesses looking to reach a global audience. The elite education you’ll get in The Instagram™ Ivy League will equip you with the tools needed to see results, regardless of what you sell.

How long will it take to complete The Instagram™ Ivy League?

The Instagram™ Ivy League has around 8.5 hours of video content. That said, I discourage you from watching it all at once. Each lesson contains actionable steps you can implement immediately. If you watch the tutorial, then take action -- which I highly recommend you do -- it could take a few weeks to absorb and apply all of the content.

Do I need to buy anything other than this course?

You will need a website in order to host your urgency-based offer in Phase 4! Other than that, no. While I may recommend a few things throughout the course, such as a content template or a premium version of a free tool, you don’t need to buy another thing to get tangible, positive results.

When does this program begin and end?

You can start The Instagram™ Ivy League as soon as you complete your purchase! This is a self-paced program so there are no set start and end dates. You can complete it the speed that works best for you. Having said that, I have provided a completion calendar that provides clear suggestions for when to finish each lesson to ensure you get the full impact of the course (and your investment back!) in a timely manner. 

Do you have a refund policy?

Of course! You have 30 days to request a refund. If the program does not work for you I will happily give you a full refund. Please read the full policy here:


"Alex you have helped massively! I've managed to grow my following and get 5 new commissions in 2 months! Thank you very much!"




"The Instagram™ Ivy League was a great way for me to jump into a new platform and hit the ground running. Alex made it accessible and easy and I gained insight into what works and what doesn't. Can't thank her enough!"




"The Instagram™ Ivy League is the most complete program for learning how to use Instagram™ for sales and visibility."